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Drawing Marathon International focusses on social, humane and cultural responsibility. We wish to support creativity in the community, and we do so by certain projects while we at the same time focus on each individual – which means you, your well-being and your health.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Drawing Marathon International wish to contribute developing creative processes across the world. Therefor it is the intention of Drawing Marathon International to support projects that develops creativity in environments where it seems hard to incorporate. The purpose of the project is to ignite the interest of drawing, arts and creativity as well as social communities in kids especially.

Every year Drawing Marathon International selects one creative project to participate in in relation to vulnerable kids, who don’t have the choice or means to participate in creative communities. Creativity is a human resource. Therefor we find it important to contribute with ideas to ways creativity can be incorporated in your life in a way which does not merely contribute to each and every individual and their self-perception and comfort zone but also to the society structure as a whole. If you are interested, you are welcome to keep updated on our projects right here on this site.

Corporate Human Responsibility (CHR)  

Drawing Marathon International not only care about your artistic skills but also about your health.Therefore, we will invite specialists to contribute to understanding our health in relation to drawing and artistic creation.

Corporate Cultural Responsibility (CCR)

In this digital world we live in today some very old and valuable aspects of our world as well as some very old and beautiful crafts are in risk of entering oblivion. Handicrafts are works that originates from the hand and unfortunately such occupation is not popular these days. The term includes much different occupations such as woodwork, embroidery, fly tying, bookbinding, wickerwork and also drawing.

People who loses their opportunity to be present on SoMe platforms often feel like they lose part of their identity but more importantly: They become restless because they don’t know how to occupy themselves anymore. Our social life has become digitalized to an extent that our senses are lost. And so is the cohesion that old trades mastered so well because people were proud of their skills and it brought people together.

We hope that Drawing Marathon International will help to bring us together in spite of our cultural differences. We hope that these creative challenges will inspire each and every individual to live a full and creative life. We also hope to be able to generate ethos that combine what’s new in the world with a sensuousness which can only come from craftsmanship.