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Terms and conditions for sign up and purchase of tickets.

DrawOn International obviously wishes for you to be able to buy your ticket safely and securely on our web page. Below is an overview of our recommendations and terms of agreement as well as terms of payment when you join and shop on our web page. If you have any questions at all please feel free to contact us.

The organizer cannot be held responsible for any injuries or nuances the participants may experience during the creative challenges. DrawOn International cannot be held responsible for any actions performed by a third party either before, during or after ending the marathon such as actions performed by other participants.

Kids and youngsters
If you are under the age of 13, we recommend that you have been granted permission to participate and share your photos and videos online with your parents or guardians. When under the age of 13 you are not allowed a profile on SoMe platforms which is why you need an adult who will let you upload material through their profile but using the child’s starting number. Groups may upload their creative works through i.e. a teacher or leader. The organizer of the marathon cannot be held responsible for any violations to said recommendations.

The organizer cannot be held responsible for challenges arising from digital challenges, online system problems, power failure, etc. Nor can the organizers be held responsible for national and international law or if the organizer’s rules and recommendations are not complied with.

Image policy
The organizer has set some rules that are not intended to limit artistic freedom, but to protect and take into account in a way that as much as possible can benefit from the organizer’s creative challenges.

  • DrawOn International-uploaded images must not contain content that infringes or infringes third party rights, including copyright, trademark or privacy, public reputation or other personal or intellectual property rights. If you want to report content that you believe has violated the rules, you should contact the person who violated your rights.
  • UploadOn International images uploaded may not contain any ad-related content or brand name, including a logo or encourage the purchase of any products or services for which DrawOn International has not agreed.
  • UploadOn International images uploaded may not promote the use of illegal drugs, drugs or recreational drugs, as well as tobacco products and related accessories. Also, do not promote the use of weapons, ammunition or explosives or encourage violence, or have offensive, conspicuous, disrespectful or excessively violent content.
  • DrawOn International images uploaded may not contain content that has controversial political or offensive social views and issues, or discriminate against or encourage discrimination based on personal characteristics such as race, ethnicity, skin color, national origin, religion, age, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, marital status, disability, medical or genetic disease.
  • DrawOn International does not tolerate images of nudity, depiction of people in positions that show or suggest sex, or activities that are very daring or sexually provocative, and body parts in a way that they appear offensive.
  • DrawOn International cannot be held liable if these rules are violated. It is the one who shares his pictures that can be held liable for any possible violation.

Information about the right to photography and video recording as a participant
You are allowed to photograph and film your creative works or your drawing process, but solely for private and public use in your own name. If you are a photographer you must have permission to photograph and film for commercial or public use. This applies both before, during and after the challenges, including the participants’ creative works. Contact us for more information and accreditation opportunities. The organizers do not take responsibility for the individual participant’s own photos, video recordings or creative works, nor use and share thereof. We encourage you to treat all such material with respect and empathy for others. Information about using images, video recordings and creative works when you participate in one of DrawOn International’s creative challenges, participants will take pictures and video of participants and creative works during the challenge. When purchasing an organizer’s ticket, it is accepted that organizers may use images, films of the challenge’s performance and art processes in this regard, as well as images and films of artwork from before, during and after the challenge, in marketing and commercial contexts, e.g. on social media. Participants have copyright to their own original works.

Terms and Conditions
The organizers reserve the right to show the participant’s name and eventual name. group: clubs / association / teams / school / company and nationality, as well as the serial number of the participant. Personal information provided in connection with registration and participation in the creative challenges is retained by the organizers and never disclosed or sold to third parties, other than the above mentioned publication or in connection with anonymous statistics. Emails will only be used to send necessary race information to participants, unless consent is given otherwise.

Privacy Policy
Organizers only collect information to process your registration for a creative challenge. The information will, of course, never be passed on or sold to third parties. This means that neither we nor anyone else can use the personal information you provide when purchasing a ticket for the creative challenges. The organizers do not take responsibility for the individual participant’s information, which the participant himself has provided.

Network policy
Participants in the creative challenges have the opportunity to create artistic communities. The organizer does not mediate contact between the participants, neither between participants nor between participants and third parties. The organizer can’t be held responsible for agreements that are not directly linked to the execution of the creative challenges, including the concept.

Transfer of starting number
Your starting number, including the order number, is associated with the person who has registered on the registration form, including username. Unauthorized use of a starting number is not allowed, as it can give incorrect results and mean that as a participant you are not registered with the correct personal information. It can therefore lead to disqualification.

Liability and startup fee
Starting fee is VAT free, cf. Danish legislation on VAT exemption for amateur activities. Under the Consumer Agreement Act on Internet Commerce, organizers have full product liability. The payment for your participation will be deducted from the credit card provided. You can see the current prices at our ticket provider.

Right of cancellation and refund
You cannot regret or refund your purchase of a DrawOn International ticket. According to the Consumer Agreement Act on Internet Commerce, there is no right of withdrawal in connection with the purchase of recreational leisure activities, as recreational leisure activities do not appear in the agreement. DrawOn International is considered to be a recreational leisure activity and is therefore not subject to the general rules of withdrawal regarding Internet purchases, cf. the Consumer Agreements Act. In other words, you cannot get your money back once you have purchased your ticket.

Cancellation, force majeure or postponement of challenges
If a challenge is canceled by the organizer and a new date is not announced, you are entitled to a refund of your ticket and get your money back. Please note that transaction and handling fees are non-refundable. If challenge is free or you are a free participant you have no return rights. If challenge is postponed, the organizer reserves the right to postpone the settlement date by up to three months. By changing the settlement date, you are offered to participate by challenge on a new date, but no refund of the ticket is offered.

Reservations for errors and omissions
DrawOn International makes reservations for any errors and omissions in prices, dates or event descriptions. RESERVATIONS FOR CHANGES IN THE ABOVE TERMS ARE TAKEN.

Contact information and customer service.

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