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Here you can find a July challenge, inspired by several small creative drawing projects that you can perform and enjoy.

Participation in the summer-drawing-challenge is free.
With the inclusion of daily reflection, you have a total of 7 days to create your work. You can start your art work when it suits you best and count yourself up to the end date 7 days thereafter. Then you post your work on the social media Instagram under hashtag #joindrawon #drawingsummerart


Material selection of the task:
You decide for yourself which materials you want to work with. We recommend that you work in 2D format. We suggest that it is primarily the work of the hand that is posted – and not the digital works.

The nature of the task:
You are invited into an artistic universe where you have to create a fantastic work of art. You are inspired to add a kind of “storytelling” to your work. When your work of art has a strong visual expression – together withs a narrative story – then your work of art stands as a unified whole. When you’re done, your work is ready to be received by new eyes and open for exciting interpretations.

The premise of the task:
You are given the task of creating a picture that has a built-in story. The picture must at the same time be open to the viewer’s own story.

The inspiration of the task:
You must draw/paint a universe from nature or a natural phenomenon that fascinates you, or you’re familiar with for example from a journey you have made. The image must express untouched nature and must at the same time testify to the presence of a human feeling. The image consists of two rooms, the exterior and the interior. One of the rooms is your “storytelling”, in the second room new viewers are invited to continue the story. The rooms can be concrete or metaphorical.

Summer assignment 2019 ends on July 31st. Should you be inspired to a series of works, each of 7 days duration, you are welcome to continue and post your art with #joindrawon

It is free to participate in the summer draw challenge. You can upload with hashtag: #joindrawon